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The Kukuriku gourmet restaurant can accomodate up to 60 guests in the internal space and just as many on the summer terrace situated immediately in front of the hotel. As first restaurant in Croatia to have set the postulates on slow-food, it maintains his continuity of the culture of the table and numerous contents connected to that. The eno-gastro story which you will experience in Kukuriku, lifts the consummation at a higher level and accentuates hedonism.

The offer is based on the desire of avoiding boredom and on the philosophy of the owner, Nenad Kukurin: “We cook what we would like to eat ourselves. We have quite a lot of experience and we like to eat and drink”. In Kukuriku’s kitchen there are recipes being created every day and they are based on the daily offer of the local market and on the gifts of nature found in the area of Kastav.

The chefs, like jazz musicians, improvise with fine groceries and create dishes which stress out the local taste and scent. The complexity of the tastes, the luxury of the forms and of the colors on the plate, represent a sensation for the taste buds and for the eyes, and in the meanwhile, lunches and dinners in good company are instantly transformed in a real celebration of food.

When choosing the dishes, the best thing is to let yourself in the hands of the personnel and of the kitchen and allow them to enthuse you with courses of fish, meat or vegetarian dishes.

To avoid losing yourself among the 150 wine labels of the Kukuriku wine cellar, our sommeliers will pair each dish with a perfect wine. It often happens that our guests cannot transfer completely their impressions on Kukuriku to their friends, acquaintances and business partners. The atmosphere of our offer is the key of your memory on the aromas and tastes that you will want to store in the map of your memories over and over again.

sublime luxury in the most intense natural surroundings

Drinking & Dining


From Our Beloved Guests



Tuna Carpaccio
85 kn
tuna, arugula, olive oil, capers, soy sauce
Oysters (1 pc.)
25 kn
Oysters, lemon
Raw Fish
100 kn
raw shrimp on rocotta (cottage cheese), oysters, tuna, fish tartar
Coated FIsh
80 kn
smoked anchovies in almonds, smoked mussels in pistachios, cod pate in hazelnuts, dried tomato pesto, white polenta
Caesar Salad with Chicken dumplings
70 kn
lettuce, salted anchovies, chicken, parmesan cheese, croutons, mustard, lemon, egg, oil, garlic
Prosciutto (smoked ham) 100 g.
65 kn
prosciutto, lives, pickles
Tartar steak 200g.
180 kn
beef fillet, toast, butter, spices
Baby Beef Carpaccio
85 kn
baby beef fillet, lettuce, granna istriana cheese, horseradish
Selection of Meat Appetizers
80 kn
tartar steak, home-made pate with cranberry dip, bresaola (salted beef) stuffed with cream cheese and chives, roastbeef


Home-made Clear Beef Soup
30 kn
julienne vegetables, noodles
Clear Fish Soup
55 kn
fish, scampi (shrimps), vegetables
Daily Cream Soup
35 kn
depending on the season

Warm starters

Squid Bolognese with Squid Noodles
85 kn
squids, olive oil, onion, carrot, celery, garlic, tomato
Sautéed Squids and Fennel on Black Cauliflower Cream
85 kn
squids, cauliflower, fennel, onion, olive oil, tobacco
Octopus Leg (sous vide) on Celery and Apple Cream
100 kn
octopus, celery, apple, caper fruit, Calamata olives, pomodorini (cherry tomatoes)
Scallop (pc.) in White Wine and Butter Sauce
35 kn
scallop, white wine, fish soup stock, garlic, parsley, butter, vinegar
Risotto with Shrimps and Fennel
120 kn
rice, Adriatic shrimp, fennel, olive oil, butter, white wine, Grana padano
Risotto with Vegetables
80 kn
rice, seasonal vegetables, Grana padano, olive oil, butter
Ravioli with Beefsteak and Shiitake Mushrooms
90 kn
beefsteak, ravioli stuffed with ricotta (cottage) cheese, mushrooms, green onions, tomatoes, red wine
Ravioli with Vegetables
80 kn
ravioli stuffed with ricotta (cottage) cheese, seasonal vegetables, Grana padano, olive oil, butter

Main Dishes

Fish fillets with shells in saffron sauce
140 kn
fish, root vegetables, saffron, shrimp stock, apple vinegar barrique
Noble Fish Fillet
140 kn
sweet potato cream, beluga lentils, cherry tomatoes, spring onion, olive oil
Monkfish Medallions in Turmeric Sauce
140 kn
monkfish, polenta, white wine, butter, olive oil, turmeric
Noble Fish (1kg)
400 kn
sea bass, gilt-head bream
Extra Class Fish
500 kn
John Dory, red scorpionfish
160 kn
beefsteak 200 g, vegetables, potatoes
Baby Beef Ribeye
160 kn
ribeye 200 g, vegetables, potatoes
Veal Steak
160 kn
veal 200 g, vegetables, potatoes
Lamb Loin
180 kn
lamb 200 g, vegetables, potatoes

Side Dishes

Cooked Vegetables
20 kn
broccoli, cauliflower, carrots
Grilled Vegetables
35 kn
zucchini, aubergines, tomatoes, mushrooms
20 kn
cooked, baked


Seasonal Mixed Salad
25 kn
lettuce, cabbage, cucumber
30 kn
arugula, lamb’s lettuce
30 kn


Figs in Dessert wine
35 kn
dried figs, dessert wine, mascarpone, sour cream, cinnamon, shortcrust pastry
Chocolate Lava Cake
35 kn
chocolate, eggs, flour, butter, sugar
Chocolate Mousse
35 kn
chocolate, eggs, cream, brown sugar
Raspberry Mousse
35 kn
raspberries, sugar, white chocolate, sugar, cream, gelatine
Semifreddo with Pumpkin Seeds
30 kn
pumpkin seeds, eggs, cream, sugar, pumpkin oil
35 kn
ice cream, lemon, vodka, sparkling wine
Special Weekly Cake Offer
45 kn
Cheese Selection 100 g
45 kn

Tasting Menu

Tasting Menu of 4 Courses
240 - 280 kn
Couvert * Warm starter * Main course * Dessert
Tasting Menu of 5 Courses
350 - 380 kn
Couvert * Cold starter * Warm starter * Main course * Dessert
Tasting Menu of 7 Courses
450 - 490 kn
Couvert * 2x Cold starter * 2x Warm starter * Main course * Dessert

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