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In the middle of Kastav, on the Lokvina square, the gourmet restaurant and boutique hotel Kukuriku is situated. Your pleasure is our main goal. This hedonistic destination was our main guiding line in the choice of the hotel equipment and the creation of the restaurant menu. Each room will welcome you with different design furniture and with a carefully planned atmosphere of light design. To make your stay as pleasant as possible, we have also created for you special bedding, warm as the best cotton and of the touch of silk, so you can quietly fall in the land of dreams while our dreams also come true: your pleasure. We will surprise your taste buds with a distinctive eno-gastro offer of the Kukuriku gourmet restaurant. The delicacies created with an avant-garde approach and the perspicuity of the main creator Nenad Kukurin, are established on more than 40 years of tradition of the Kukuriku family restaurant. His characteristic style and artistic approach towards the culture of the table has determined much of the todays accepted guidelines in gastronomy and of the sometimes unexpected tandem of food and drinks. Among the numerous prizes and recognitions that he gained with his work, Nenad admits that his biggest joy is to see the pleasure on the faces of the guests to which he himself prepares and serves his creations. Settled not even 6 km from the sea, at 360m of altitude, in a moderate Mediterranean climate, you will enjoy relaxation and the offer of the delicacies of our restaurant, unobstructed by the summer heath or the winter cold.

Restaurant Kukuriku

Natural, sincere, unique

The Kukuriku gourmet restaurant can accomodate up to 60 guests in the internal space and just as many on the summer terrace situated immediately in front of the hotel. As first restaurant in Croatia to have set the postulates on slow-food, it maintains his continuity of the culture of the table and numerous contents connected to that. The eno-gastro story which you will experience in Kukuriku, lifts the consummation at a higher level and accentuates hedonism. The offer is based on the desire of avoiding boredom and on the philosophy of the owner, Nenad Kukurin: “We cook what we would like to eat ourselves. We have quite a lot of experience and we like to eat and drink”. In Kukuriku’s kitchen there are recipes being created every day and they are based on the daily offer of the local market and on the gifts of nature found in the area of Kastav. The chefs, like jazz musicians, improvise with fine groceries and create dishes which stress out the local taste and scent. The complexity of the tastes, the luxury of the forms and of the colors on the plate, represent a sensation for the taste buds and for the eyes, and in the meanwhile, lunches and dinners in good company are instantly transformed in a real celebration of food. When choosing the dishes, the best thing is to let yourself in the hands of the personnel and of the kitchen and allow them to enthuse you with courses of fish, meat or vegetarian dishes. To avoid losing yourself among the 150 wine labels of the Kukuriku wine cellar, our sommeliers will pair each dish with a perfect wine. It often happens that our guests cannot transfer completely their impressions on Kukuriku to their friends, acquaintances and business partners. The atmosphere of our offer is the key of your memory on the aromas and tastes that you will want to store in the map of your memories over and over again.

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Hotel Kukuriku

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The boutique hotel Kukuriku offers a choice between 15 differently designed accommodation units divided in 3 categories: suite, superior room and standard room. Each room will welcome you with a different mood and atmosphere, with a highlighted selection of colors, design furniture and lighting. The comfort during your stay is guaranteed by the specially woven bedding, warm as the best cotton and of the touch of silk, and the luxurious setting of the rooms. Depending on the category, some of the rooms are equipped with walk-in showers, with a big bathtub for two and a fireplace, while all the rooms are provided with safe, bar, HDTV device and Wi-Fi. At the disposal of our business clients, there is a completely equipped conference hall which can host 60 people.

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Pricelist 2020.

SEASON 1 02.01. – 15.05 i 15.10. - 28.12.
1/2 1/1
STANDARD 90 € 64 €
SUPERIOR 110 € 79 €
SUITE 130 € 70 €

SEASON 2 15.05. – 15.07 i 15.09. - 15.10.
1/2 1/1
STANDARD 130 € 85 €
SUPERIOR 160 € 105 €
SUITE 180 € 120 €

SEASON 3 15.07. – 15.09
1/2 1/1
STANDARD 150 € 105 €
SUPERIOR 170 € 120 €
SUITE 200 € 140 €


  • The residence tax per person per day:
  • 01.04. - 30.09. – 1,36 - EUR per person per day, for the rest 0,95 EUR per person per day
  • Children up to 12 years don’t pay the tourist tax
  • Children from 12 to 18 years pay 50% of the tourist tax


  • Baby cot: 15 € per day
  • Pets: 15 € per day
  • Room service: 20% on the price
  • Room service for breakfast: 5 € per person
  • Washing / ironing: 3 € / piece

Kukuriku location


Kastav has been built on a hill at 365 meters above the Kvarner, on the northern Adriatic. It is situated in immediate proximity of Rijeka, the biggest Croatian port, and of Opatija’s Riviera, one of Croatia’s favorite touristic destinations. Elevated above the city noise, Kastav has, during the long centuries and in step with the time, preserved its rich history, the numerous precious architectural monuments and other monuments, the culture, the tradition and the untouched nature. Kastav offers everything – from the musical and theatrical quality staging, up to the local feasts and the carnival parties, as well as recreation in the nature, museum and monument tours, followed by magnificent gastronomic and enological pleasures. During the history Kastav has been administrative, economic and cultural center of Istria and the coast. Of the greatness and importance of Kastav in the first centuries witnesses today also the old town nucleus surrounded by the medieval city walls adorned with nine towers. This old town nucleus was and remains today the center of all the Kastav area that in ancient times reached the slopes of Učka. Kastav will offer to every visitor an experience which he will remember with pleasure. The history and architecture lovers will surely enjoy the walk near the old city wall, discovering signs of passed times between the old walls and the narrow streets; traces that can be found all over – from the Fortica square, proceeding to the old city loggia, and then through the arcade (Voltica) up to the Museological collection of Kastav’s area (Muzejska zbirka Kastavštine) and then forward again toward Lokvina square up to the Church of Saint Helen the Cross Bearer on the top of the hill and to the Žudika, the most northern tower. The Kastav area is a location that is appealing in every period of the year. It is especially nice to visit the town in the period of the traditional manifestations that make Kastav famous even far outside Croatia’s borders –the international festival of culture Kastafsko kulturno leto and the Guitar Festival, the feast of Bela nedeja (the white Sunday), or during the carnival (the so called maškare). All of Kastav is surrouned by wonderful nature. Through the ancient Crekvina the path brings you to the forests of Loza and Lužina, favorite to numerous excursionists. Those tired from walking, from the turbulent and rich history or from the fascinating untouched nature of the region, will be able to enjoy a rest in the numerous bars, taverns, osterias and diners, a relaxation in the near fitness center as well as the pleasure of resting and refreshment that the restaurant and hotel Kukuriku offers. The comfortable environment of the city nucleus completed by an excellent gastronomic and enological offer will enrich your stay in the beautiful Kastav area and where, and that we honestly believe, you will return always again.

How to reach us

Kastav is located on the north Croatian Adriatic, on the most northern part of the gulf od Kvarner, at barely 10 kilometers west from Rijeka and 6 kilometers north from Opatija. If you have your own mean of transport: Kastav is easily accessible by car if you follow the road signs: if you’re coming from the near Slovenia, just as you cross the border of Rupa, before the west entrance for Rijeka the road signs will indicate “Kastav”; if, instead, you are coming with Rijeka’s bypass road, you need to take the exit Rijeka-zapad (Kastav) (west exit); if you are coming from Opatija, follow the road signs from Matulji to Kastav. Public transportation: If you are coming in Croatia by bus or train, choose Rijeka as your destination, from here it is very easy to come to Kastav by bus or taxi. If, on the other hand, you choose to come to Croatia by plane, you have at your disposal the airports of Rijeka (on the island of Krk), Zagreb and Pula. All this airports have a good road connection with Rijeka and with Kastav. Local lines: Kastav is easily reachable even with the buses of the city public transportation: the line n.18 goes from Rijeka to Kastav from the station of Delta (with stops on the bus station Žabica and in front of the train station); the lines 33 and 37 departure from Opatija, from the station of Slatina, to Kastav.

+385 (51) 691 519
Trg Lokvina 3, 51215 Kastav, Croatia

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